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 (sĕg′wā′, sā′gwā′)
intr.v. se·gued, se·gue·ing, se·gues
1. Music To make a transition directly from one section or theme to another.
2. To move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another: "Daylight segued into dusk" (Susan Dworski).
An act or instance of segueing.

[From Italian, there follows, third-person sing. present tense of seguire, to follow, from Vulgar Latin *sequere, from Latin sequī; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]


vb (intr) , segues, segueing or segued
1. (Music, other) (often foll by into) to proceed from one section or piece of music to another without a break
2. (Music, other) (imperative) play on without pause: a musical direction
(Music, other) the practice or an instance of playing music in this way
[from Italian: follows, from seguire to follow, from Latin sequī]


(ˈseɪ gweɪ, ˈsɛg weɪ)

v. -gued, -gue•ing,
n. v.i.
1. to continue at once with the next musical section (used as a musical direction).
2. to perform in the manner of the preceding section (used as a musical direction).
3. to make a smooth transition from one item or topic to another.
4. an uninterrupted transition made between one musical section or composition and another.
[1850–55; < Italian: (it) follows, 3rd pers. singular present indic. of seguire « Latin sequī to follow. compare sue]


Past participle: segued
Gerund: segueing

I segue
you segue
he/she/it segues
we segue
you segue
they segue
I segued
you segued
he/she/it segued
we segued
you segued
they segued
Present Continuous
I am segueing
you are segueing
he/she/it is segueing
we are segueing
you are segueing
they are segueing
Present Perfect
I have segued
you have segued
he/she/it has segued
we have segued
you have segued
they have segued
Past Continuous
I was segueing
you were segueing
he/she/it was segueing
we were segueing
you were segueing
they were segueing
Past Perfect
I had segued
you had segued
he/she/it had segued
we had segued
you had segued
they had segued
I will segue
you will segue
he/she/it will segue
we will segue
you will segue
they will segue
Future Perfect
I will have segued
you will have segued
he/she/it will have segued
we will have segued
you will have segued
they will have segued
Future Continuous
I will be segueing
you will be segueing
he/she/it will be segueing
we will be segueing
you will be segueing
they will be segueing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been segueing
you have been segueing
he/she/it has been segueing
we have been segueing
you have been segueing
they have been segueing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been segueing
you will have been segueing
he/she/it will have been segueing
we will have been segueing
you will have been segueing
they will have been segueing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been segueing
you had been segueing
he/she/it had been segueing
we had been segueing
you had been segueing
they had been segueing
I would segue
you would segue
he/she/it would segue
we would segue
you would segue
they would segue
Past Conditional
I would have segued
you would have segued
he/she/it would have segued
we would have segued
you would have segued
they would have segued


following without a break
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.segue - the act of changing smoothly from one state or situation to another
passage, transition - the act of passing from one state or place to the next
Verb1.segue - proceed without interruption; in music or talk; "He segued into another discourse"
proceed, continue, carry on, go on - continue talking; "I know it's hard," he continued, "but there is no choice"; "carry on--pretend we are not in the room"


(Mus, fig)
vi to segue from/intoübergehen or überleiten von/in (+acc)
nÜbergang m
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