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 (sĕg′ə-dē′yə, -dēl′yə, sā′gə-, sĕ′gē-thē′lyä)
1. A Spanish stanza form of four or seven lines.
a. A lively Spanish dance in triple meter.
b. The music for this dance.

[Spanish, diminutive of seguida, sequence, from feminine past participle of seguir, to follow, from Vulgar Latin *sequere, from Latin sequī; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Dancing) a Spanish dance in a fast triple rhythm
2. (Music, other) a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance
3. (Poetry) prosody a stanzaic form consisting of four to seven lines and marked by a characteristic rhythm
[Spanish: a little dance, from seguida a dance, from seguir to follow, from Latin sequī]


(ˌseɪ gəˈdil yə, -ˈdi yə, ˌsɛg ə-; Sp. ˌsɛ giˈði lyɑ)

n., pl. -dil•las (-ˈdil yəz, -ˈdi yəz; Sp. -ˈði lyɑs)
1. a Spanish dance in triple meter for two persons.
2. the music for this dance.
3. a stanza of four to seven lines of verse with a distinctive rhythmic pattern.
[1755–65; < Sp, =seguid(a) sequence (segui- (s. of seguir « Latin sequī to follow) + -da < Latin -ta feminine past participle suffix) + -illa diminutive suffix]
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His age might have been eighteen or nineteen; he was of a merry countenance, and to all appearance of an active habit, and he went along singing seguidillas to beguile the wearisomeness of the road.
Accompanying this tragic tale is some of the most evocative and best-loved melodies in opera - The Habanera, The Seguidilla, The Flower Song, The Chanson Boheme and perhaps the best-known baritone aria of all The Toreador's Song.
There was more technical brilliance on show in Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra, porcl lightning quick in the instrument's highest reaches producing notes only dogs could hear, and with the flamboyant gymnastics continuing thorough a seguidilla and second gypsy dance.
Y el motivo de la fuerza fisica relacionada con la busqueda del placer sexual aparece tambien en una graciosa seguidilla de la epoca editada por Brown (num.
Next, Draayer discusses the characteristics of Spanish dances such as the bolero, seguidilla, polo, and tirana, which often influenced a composer's rhythmic and melodic writing.
I finish the journey with the purist type of Flamenco, seguidilla, which represents solitude.
Carmen includes some of the most evocative and best-loved melodies in opera - The Habanera, The Seguidilla, The Flower Song, The Chanson BohAme and perhaps the best-known baritone aria of all, The Toreador's Song.
Louise Crane completed the quartet of singers, rendering Seguidilla, from Bizet's Carmen.
Following two Carmen highlights by Bryn and the statuesque Swedish mezzo soprano, Malena Ernman, she stripped off her homely cardy and launched straight into a wild, stormy, emotionally-charged, gipsy-style performance of Franz Waxman's Carmen Fantasy, a virtuoso tour-de-force for violin and orchestra written in 1947 for Jascha Heifetz and the film Humoresque, incorporating both Bryn's earlier Toreador's song and Malena's saucy and wicked Seguidilla.
Favourite backers should get off to a flier in the opener with Seguidilla (2.
Seguidilla will appreciate the return to modest company at Musselburgh and should win.
Bizet's seductive melodies and fiery Spanish rhythms conjure a world of desire, defiance and doom, in some of the world's best loved music, including the arias Habanera, Seguidilla, Flower Song and Toreador Song.