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An instrument for automatically detecting and recording the intensity, direction, and duration of a movement of the ground, especially of an earthquake.

seis·mog′ra·pher (sīz-mŏg′rə-fər) n.
seis′mo·graph′ic (-grăf′ĭk), seis′mo·graph′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
seis·mog′ra·phy n.
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The event was well recorded by the global seismographic stations, including the Botswana seismic stations at Sekoma (SKOMA) and Magotlhwane (LBTB) as well as stations in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
gov/earthquakes) modern global seismographic networks and rapid response protocols  now enable scientists, emergency responders and the public to assess it quickly 6 typically, within tens of minutes or less 6 including location, magnitude, ground motion and estimated casualties and property losses.
The Ramform Hyperion is expected to carry out three-dimensional seismographic surveys in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) until mid-August.
who will instruct attendees on proper seismographic placement, signature hole technology and wave form analysis.
They are also using the Leopard to help enhance the tsunami early warning seismographic monitoring system on the sea floor with the installation of 45 kilometres of new sensors and transponders.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Seismographic sensors of broadband 240 sec to 50 hz accelerometers vsat seismic network system with cables and connectors and all requisite accessories.
The sensors show a four-step seismographic display to relay your proximity with the car that is immediately behind yours.
The survey showed a "tense and partly contradictory image" when it came to problem-solving strategies: On the one hand, there was "the option for the awareness of determining disciplinary boundaries; on the other hand, there was "the determination of the discipline as a seismographic and praxeological organ, depending on emerging social problems in the field of communication" (Kroll, 1980, p.
In his fiction, Musil attempts a sober diagnosis of the cultural symptoms leading up to World War I, recording with seismographic precision the almost imperceptible tectonic shifts from an old Europe to a new social and political order.
As a consequence of this, in the last twenty years high-quality seismic records have been made available from seismographic databases for Greenland and its surrounding area (although the best seismic records are only available for the last 12 years).
With US collaborators from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the University of Michigan and Emory University, earthquake data from the Global Seismographic Network and scaled-down models in water tanks were used to explain the unexpected movements of the glacier in the minutes surrounding the calving events.
His agency and the USGS maintain seismographic arrays near the well.