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 (sĕl′ə-nīt′, sĭ-lē′-)
Gypsum in the form of colorless clear crystals.

[Latin selēnītēs, from Greek selēnītēs (lithos), moon (stone), selenite (so called because it was believed to wax and wane with the moon), from selēnē, moon; see selenium.]


(Minerals) a colourless glassy variety of gypsum
[C17: via Latin from Greek selēnitēs lithos moonstone, from selēnē moon; so called because it was believed to wax and wane with the moon]


(ˈsɛl əˌnaɪt, sɪˈli naɪt)

a variety of gypsum, found in transparent crystals.
[1560–70; < Latin selēnītēs < Greek selēnitēs líthos moonstone; see Selene, -ite1]
sel`e•nit′ic (-ˈnɪt ɪk) sel`e•nit′i•cal, adj.
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exclaimed Michel Ardan; "They are no more our likenesses than the Selenites are
Roch; thou who art rushing into interplanetary space, and wilt perhaps be the Eve of all Selenite dogs
As to the pickaxes and different tools which were Nicholl's especial choice; as to the sacks of different kinds of grain and shrubs which Michel Ardan hoped to transplant into Selenite ground, they were stowed away in the upper part of the projectile.
What strange things men--no, what strange things Selenites sometimes take into their heads!
The Selenites, do they exist, will respond by a similar figure; and, a communication being thus once established, it will be easy to form an alphabet which shall enable us to converse with the inhabitants of the moon.
I followed them to my study, and found lying on my writing-table still, with the selenite paper weight upon it, the sheet of work I had left on the afternoon of the opening of the cylinder.
The selenite waxed and waned with the moon, and the meloceus, that discovers thieves, could be affected only by the blood of kids.
En outre, la salle Sierra Maestra abritera le mercredi 20 fevrier a 14h un gala musique metal avec Atakor, Drawers, Lelahell, Selenites pendant que la salle Atlas accueillera le jeudi 21 fevrier a 18h une soiree hip-hop avec Africa Jungle, Dadou, Zinda, Nimap Spy, ballet ONCI.
Selenide is found frequently in the food supply among the inorganic forms (selenite, selenate or selenide) and these selenates and selenites are reduced to selenide in the liver with end products as dimethyl and trimethyl selenide5.
Organic forms of Se are more bio-available and less toxic than the inorganic forms such as selenites and selenates.
On set, the only things that we couldn't see in the flesh were the swarms of Selenites, the dome-headed, two-legged creatures that Cavor and his partner in space travel, Mr Bedford, encounter on the Moon.
Other topics include magnetic properties of plate-like hexagonal iron oxide and glass-coated microwires with nanocrystalline structure, detection of phase transitions by magnetically modulated microwave absorption spectroscopy, and transition metal selenites.