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The setting aside of self-interest for the sake of others or for a belief or principle.

self′-ab′ne·gat′ing adj.
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Adj.1.self-abnegating - used especially of behavior
nonindulgent, strict - characterized by strictness, severity, or restraint
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He shook in a self-abnegating way, as one who shook for Tellson and Co.
There, is a mortgage of dedication, of discipline, of self-abnegating leadership in the billowing fields of green sprung from miracle rice; on every road or bridge; on every school or hospital; on every house or irrigation; on every farm or industry; on every community project we have built.
Nor is science in the late 20th century about the 19th-century notion of objectivity--that somehow hands-off judgment-free self-abnegating visual records of things is not the ambition of people even prosecuting the same disciplines in 2015.
Focused on discovering an autonomous identity she recognizes the futility in being an acquiescent, self-abnegating daughter, sister, wife or mother.
First we see the fresco itself, dominated by the optimistic greed of the founders, then the various classes of self-abnegating worshippers, and then the loudspeakers transmitting the mass to another confident group waiting to be blessed.
Paolo is the Fanonian self-abnegating black man in Black Skin, White Masks.
The anti-materialist ethos of the early dictatorship exalted self-sacrifice and service promoting a version of masculinity that was predicated on self-sufficiency harking back to such models as the Cid--the quintessential buen vasallo, or self-abnegating soldier.
Termites are also proving worthy as a so-called model system for understanding the origins of social life, the division of labor, and the sort of altruistic, self-abnegating behavior that we humans applaud in others but generally avoid engaging in ourselves.
And yet I just left another meeting where I observed too many women whose actions are admirable and effec-tive--as volunteers, lay leaders, committee chairs and philanthropists--but whose words often are weak or self-abnegating.
Mitchell addresses distinct types of self-centeredness among Eliot's heroines--the egotistical brand of Hetty Sorrel and Rosamond Vincy and the paradoxically self-abnegating type embodied by Dinah Morris and Dorothea Brooke--to show how each navigates, with the help of her opposite, various forms of misreading and being misread to find her way to an understanding that others' consciousness is separate and different from her own.
Wouldn't such foolish conduct of a ruling hierarchy turn even the self-abnegating saint into an enemy?
The self-abnegating harbinger entreats: No one can become president of Egypt against the will of the people.