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The setting aside of self-interest for the sake of others or for a belief or principle.

self′-ab′ne·gat′ing adj.
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Adj.1.self-abnegating - used especially of behavior
nonindulgent, strict - characterized by strictness, severity, or restraint
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He shook in a self-abnegating way, as one who shook for Tellson and Co.
And yet I just left another meeting where I observed too many women whose actions are admirable and effec-tive--as volunteers, lay leaders, committee chairs and philanthropists--but whose words often are weak or self-abnegating.
Wouldn't such foolish conduct of a ruling hierarchy turn even the self-abnegating saint into an enemy?
The self-abnegating harbinger entreats: No one can become president of Egypt against the will of the people.
Rather than engaging in either the kind of self-abnegating devotional love or highly romanticized and drawn out courtship that previously predominated in Bollywood love stories, we have a young woman who is upfront both in and about her desires without being coded as a vamp.
Whatever effort at attention marks these early poems, it is not so precise and self-abnegating, so bound up with love and faith and, therein, consent as it would become for Levertov as she began to practice and examine it as a poetics, and like Weil, as a way of responding to a violent, unstable reality.
Pat Farrell rather than contemplate the world-denying, self-abnegating behavior, advocated by the Vatican, of a nun in her cell communing privately with God.
But I maintain that self-abnegating artists, whose only claim is that they are seeking to discover the playwright's intentions, have much more to reveal to us about the tacit assumptions of the theater of their day, about both what they meant by Shakespeare, and how they felt Shakespeare means.
It requires a detached and self-abnegating view to see it otherwise.
Given that the rewards for pension reform are so out of step with political incentives, it is essential to devise institutions and arrangements that don't depend on self-abnegating public officials for responsible stewardship.
Authentic religion calls for completely self-abnegating love of the transcendent.
5) For the ego to admit such reverence for an object it lost and swore to detest would provide a melancholic solution too self-abnegating to endure.