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1. Abuse of oneself or one's abilities.
2. Masturbation.


1. disparagement or misuse of one's own abilities, etc
2. a censorious term for masturbation. See masturbation


1. reproach or blame of oneself.
2. abuse of one's health.
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Noun1.self-abuse - manual stimulation of your own genital organ for sexual pleasure
masturbation, onanism - manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure


(o.f.) [ˌselfəˈbjuːs] N (euph) → masturbación f
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The men we help usually live in chaotic circumstances and are suffering the consequences of long-term self-abuse.
Left to cope without his mother's love after being subjected to abuse by a trusted local priest, he suffers from crippling insecurity, psychotic sexual jealousy and serial self-abuse, and has become embroiled in a violent lifestyle to pay the bills.
The photos they project of their bruised, bloodied and stitched bodies suggest a practice centering on mutual self-abuse and its documentation, juxtaposed with classical depictions of infants about to be slain.
God help me if this was now the level of self-abuse and debauchery needed to make me look like I'd been hanging out on Tour with Black Sabbath or the Stones for a month in 1973.
Gascoigne had one great World Cup, scored a cracking FA Cup semi-final goal and one in the Euros, but all he ever won in a career blighted by reckless self-abuse, was a few pots in Scotland and the FA Cup with Spurs.
Abuse under this particular statute includes self-abuse by an at-risk elder.
However, it seems to me that they are ill-equipped to deal with these idiots who do not have the discipline to have a good time without going over the top and becoming dangerously drunk, a condition that is both self-abuse and self-inflicted.
In Garry's stunning documentary Everybody's Child, which won him the prestigious gong, he explores his life growing up in Muirhouse, the physical abuse by his parents, sexual abuse in care and the self-abuse of drugs.
Those images seemed to fuel the indignation of many users, who felt that the trend was in bad taste and denigrating towards those genuinely suffering from self-abuse.
The poem cites three sexual transgressions: self-abuse, feline fornication and sadism.
from our hands we know the rules-- self-abuse only and the empty, sour
Now, after years of this self-abuse, your health is suffering.