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Able to act or work automatically.


not requiring an external influence or control to function; automatic
ˌself-ˈaction n


acting by itself; automatic.
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Adj.1.self-acting - designed to activate or move or regulate itself; "a self-activating sprinkler system"
automatic - operating with minimal human intervention; independent of external control; "automatic transmission"; "a budget deficit that caused automatic spending cuts"


[ˌselfˈæktɪŋ] ADJautomático
References in classic literature ?
A self-acting apparatus supplied the three travelers with air to breathe.
Self-acting ink, that 'ere; it's wrote your mark upon the wall, old gen'l'm'n.
This Mr Swiveller gave them--faithfully as regarded the wishes and character of the single gentleman, and poetically as concerned the great trunk, of which he gave a description more remarkable for brilliancy of imagination than a strict adherence to truth; declaring, with many strong asseverations, that it contained a specimen of every kind of rich food and wine, known in these times, and in particular that it was of a self-acting kind and served up whatever was required, as he supposed by clock-work.
With 20 tons of pulling force, the ARS709 offers industry-leading features like a negative self-acting hydraulic brake, an integrated hydraulic dynamometer, a hydraulic cooling system, advanced user controls and more.
Although he has great potential to become a self-acting political leader, President GE-l has opted to accept what is granted by Erdoy-an.
Coils of wire were fed into a self-acting heading machine, which punched the head on cold, and cut off the blanks into the required lengths.
The spinning mule @ National Wool Museum, Drefach The self-acting spinning mule, below, is used to spin wool into yarn.
The 25 Series was first introduced in 1959 as a versatile and simplistic family of self-acting pressure regulators with control pilots and interchangeable main valves for most steam applications.
Persil Abaya Shampoo, an innovation from the first self-acting laundry detergent in the word "Persil," stands for fiber-deep cleanliness and perfect colour for the black Abaya, today announced that it is presenting the Arwaa Abaya competition 2010 on Sabah Al-Kheir Ya Arab on MBC 1 for the second consecutive year in the Middle East.