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Capable of self-fertilization.

self′-com·pat′i·bil′i·ty n.


(Botany) (of a plant) capable of self-fertilization
ˌself-comˌpatiˈbility n
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Among the topics are the molecular evolution and breeding consequences of self-compatibility and its absence in Prunus fruit trees, marker-assisted breeding for resistance to common bacterial blight in common bean, joint regression analysis and completed joint regression analysis, breeding for reaction, genotype-by-environment interaction and selection of high yielding stable cultivars, and morphological differentiation of sepal and petal in Habenaria radiata (Orchidceae).
malinverniana spores at the Lombardy Seed Bank of the University of Pavia (LSB), with the aim to test for the self-compatibility of the species.
The EMI/ EMC testing ensures self-compatibility of the payloads on the satellite, as well as satellite compatibility with the launch vehicle electromagnetic environment.
Any seeds that resulted from this treatment would be the result of intrafloral self-pollination and would confirm self-compatibility.
Even though self-compatibility is a very specific phenomenon and restricted to a very specific subset of plants, the genes have been recruited from genes that have a very different function," Nasrallah concludes.
It also successfully passed the EMI/EMC self-compatibility test, initially considered the primary technical risk on the program.