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Capable of self-fertilization.

self′-com·pat′i·bil′i·ty n.


(Botany) (of a plant) capable of self-fertilization
ˌself-comˌpatiˈbility n
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species populations, self-compatible plants have occasionally been
especially apparent with crosses between self-compatible and
1EBN and 2EBN groups, the self-compatible species may be separated from
1EBN and 2EBN levels, self-compatible (female) by self-incompatible
They are self-compatible so you don''t need a partner for cross-pollination.
I performed an experiment on a natural population of Tripterocalyx carneus to determine whether this species is self-compatible.
The four o'clock family (Nyctaginaceae) contains both self-compatible and self-incompatible species.
As in Mirabilis, both self-incompatible and self-compatible species are known in Abronia.
We suggest mechanisms such as herkogamy (separation of sexual organs) and dicogamy (differential maturation of sexual organs) prevent self pollination in self-compatible species.
Flowers are adapted to outcrossing (pollination with flowers of other individuals), but plants appear to be self-compatible, and self-pollination probably occurs at high levels in small populations (Bowles & Bell 1999).
The entire Internet needs a solution that is as self-compatible as the SMTP protocol itself Source Authentication accomplishes this by staying within the SMTP layer for handling replies and recognizing itself.
In the self-compatible Asdepias speciosa, Bookman (1984) contended that insufficient pollination apparently did not explain low fruit set.