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Selfish or excessive concern for oneself.

self′-con·cerned′ adj.
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Noun1.self-concern - concern for your own interests and welfare
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
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In that poem from his Letters and Papers From Prison, Bonhoeffer suggests that while need can bring people to their knees, Christian faith leads people beyond self-concern to recognize and respond to God's presence in everyone in need.
For finding ourselves participating in the flow of generosity--receiving tradition's gifts while at the same time called by the vulnerable other who could use those gifts--we find ourselves drawn out of the captivity of self-concern.
His lack of fear, or rather lack of self-concern for outside opinions that might otherwise shatter an ego and diminish a voice, Stamps moves courageously into an area that presents the hideous and grotesque in order to empower the humanness we all share.
Of course, this sort of egomaniacal behavior alienated him from his teammates, isolating him in the zone of his own self-concern.
Now Parfit might say that it is the doctor's self-concern and not the wrong of the involuntary sacrifice that justifies this judgment.
Instead, personal identity is constituted by certain patterns of identification and self-concern.
The authors also explore how self-concern, which can be exhibited through self-monitoring behavior, is related to mum.
Thus, this discussion addresses contexts in which narratives of self-concern (bodily regimes) signify a retreat into the self, that is, into pre-established cultural shells.
they don't practice the self-concern that they recommend to others.
He is simply a frenzied, ambitious political career animal, consumed by self-concern.
5) It shouldn't take Adam Smith to remind us that self-concern is not necessarily antithetical to--that it can accompany and foster, even be indispensable to--promotion of the well-being of others.
Personhood rests on physically instantiated capacities for sentience and self-concern.