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Selfish or excessive concern for oneself.

self′-con·cerned′ adj.
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Noun1.self-concern - concern for your own interests and welfare
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
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Of course, the last thing many self-concerned billionaires and corporations in our country want to see is for us to advance to the state of more modern countries, where their influence is minimal and where citizens' priorities prevail.
By culture, I am referring here to a variety of spiritual and social forces, including religion, art, education, philosophy, and a sense of history, that inspire people to develop beyond the level of mere self-concerned individuals.
My favourite is Matilda, where most of the adults are self-concerned or downright crazy but our heroine, Matilda, triumphs, helped by her love of reading books.
There's actually a long list, but I'm so self-concerned as I speak, I can't remember their names.
While a loving and benevolent attitude will show through even clumsy behaviour, so a self-concerned and blaming attitude will show through skilled behaviour.
As the self-concerned aristocratic bad boy Steerforth and the smarmy upwardly mobile clerk Uriah Heep, Graham O'Meara plays two very different stock types to their most winsomely caricatureish extremes.