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n.1.The act of convicting one's self, or the state of being self-convicted.
References in classic literature ?
I do not think," said Doctor Manette with the firmness of self-conviction, "that anything but the one train of association would renew it.
But beyond these words lie the crucible of performance which are ideology, clarity of thoughts, self-conviction, intelligence, dedication, commitment, discipline, endurance, team spirit, fairness, vision and justice.
He had strong positive beliefs and firm self-conviction.
As Karla Starr of the Los Angeles Times points out, "Taleb's unrelenting certainty in his own ideas is also his greatest weakness and with such self-conviction comes boulder-sized blind spots.
He was the very epitome of the Australian way of playing the game; with swagger, self-conviction and an absolute refusal to retreat from either confrontation or the pursuit of excellence," the blog wrote.