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The definition of one's identity, character, abilities, and attitudes by oneself: work provided the primary basis for her self-definition.
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Both administrators were asked questions concerning their perceptions of the impact of the school environment on the students' self-definitions, the opportunities for students to develop a sense of themselves, how issues for adolescents have changed over their careers, and the special challenges faced by students with disabilities.
These self-definitions and practices are not to be defined against some given notion of male and female.
By refusing to enumerate and divide characters into conventional racial groups, Brown destabilizes our assumptions about race and demands more meaningful self-definitions.
Josselson presents the stories of eleven women in detail to demonstrate the four different pathways women follow as they shape their identities: Purveyors of the Heritage carry their self-definitions into adulthood without going through the crisis and reassessment associated with adolescence.
Disabled persons' self-definitions and their implications for rehabilitation.
Mythologies, the (re)membered and revised histories and self-definitions that black women generate from their collective oral communal voices (34), layer the recursive process in both the present and past.
Demonic combat furthered the monks' self-definitions, forcing them to question whether the demon was an outside force to be repelled or a visual manifestation of an interior force that had to be subjugated.
Here contributors identified by name and email address explore the notion of a holy people, a holy community, and other religious self-definitions in Jewish and Christian tradition from the biblical period to the present.
Some sound advice for young people would be not to spend too much time with names and labels but to find routes for themselves, and seek out experienced people whose self-definitions are rewarding, loving, and fulfilling.
Even if you never put much stock in the parties' self-definitions, the spectacle of fiscally hawkish Democrats railing against free-spending Republicans is jarring.
C4, 11pm) travels on a roller coaster ride through Madonna's highs and lows of super stardom, her self-definitions as Vampish Boy Toy to Goth, Geisha-esque vixen and raunchy PVC clad dominatrix.
A woman should know how to control herself" ("Kadinlar kendini idare etmeyi bilmeli") is the motto in these women's narratives in their self-definitions as "strongminded women with strong character" ("sahsiyetli kadin").