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Tending to undervalue oneself and one's abilities.

self′-dep′re·cat′ing·ly adv.






having a tendency to disparage oneself


belittling or undervaluing oneself; excessively modest.
self′-depreca′tion, n.
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Adj.1.self-deprecating - conscious of your own shortcomings
apologetic, excusatory - offering or expressing apology; "an apologetic note"; "an apologetic manner"
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Unrelenting self-torture over poundage is ruining countless people's lives" Writer Lionel Shriver "It doesn't matter how much polite self-deprecating fluff you have on the outside, if you don't have a steely something in the middle" Actress Rebecca Hall "I came into politics to fight lefties.
The presenter with an eye for architectural oddities - especially bizarre and beautiful buildings in the North - coupled with a passion for local heritage, is also a popular raconteur who peppers his stories with self-deprecating humour.
Yet behind it all he was an almost shy, self-deprecating true gentleman.
At least he's made a modest and self-deprecating start.
Online bidders can buy the self-deprecating picture at: willowfoundation.
Shatner's autobiography, Up TillNow, is a humorous, self-deprecating look at his career, featuring some hilarious anecdotes from his early days as a classical Shakespearean actor.
Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer said: "He was the definition of a certain sort of wit - self-deprecating, mordant and linguistically brilliant.
Single selection Maps is the song that will propel the troubadour to the next level, a self-deprecating and tongue-tied love song that is easily the album's highpoint.
Dan Bailey is the essence of community building, with self-deprecating humor and boundless integrity.
Dear Editor, I'm afraid my self-deprecating irony was lost on your correspondent at Advantage West Midlands' conference last week (Birmingham egos blocking New Street, Post Nov 10).
During her performing career, with her combination of brilliant singing, ebullience and self-deprecating humor, Sills demystified opera and gained widespread popularity with opera-lovers and the general public alike.
The Unity Theatre was packed to see Sue Perkins, the queen of self-deprecating humour's return to Liverpool.