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1. Determination of one's own fate or course of action without compulsion; free will.
2. Freedom of the people of a given area to determine their own political status; independence.

self′-de·ter′mined (-tûr′mĭnd) adj.
self′-de·ter′min·ing (-tûr′mĭ-nĭng) adj. & n.


[ˌselfdɪˈtɜːmɪnd] ADJautodeterminado
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In the present study, the investigation of young athletes' goal perspective and perceived competence was linked with the inspection of their self-determined motivation.
Our goal is to detach from big corporate structures in favour of agile, self-determined car rental agencies who can play to their local strengths and provide their customers with tailor-made offers at attractive prices," said GLOBAL Rent-a-Car CEO Hubert M.
I have always believed that we should implement policies that ensure Alaska tribes are self-determined and can adequately address public safety, economic development, and other priorities on tribal lands.
The ways in which these effects amount to constraints on one's will point toward the ethical significance of alienation, which for Jaeggi resides in its connection to freedom: "only a world that I can identify with (by appropriating it) is a world in which I can act in a self-determined manner.
The authors examine Africa's self-determined international norms and values such as Pan-Africanism, African solutions to African problems, hybrid democracy, Pax Africana, and the African Economic Community to demonstrate that Africa is composed of crucial values, institutions, agents, actors, and forces that are, through the AU, contributing to the advancement of contemporary global development.
This self-determined growth, in the classical mould of fostering nations that history will mark, is what distinguishes the UAE in the eyes of the world.
He noted that 150 years ago, Cree priest Henry Budd held that "we would never come to be the church that we were meant to be until the churches were self-determined with indigenous leadership.
The acclaimed author and philanthropist is the founder and CEO of Sauti Kuu Foundation, an organisation with sponsorship programmes in sports, education, nutrition and health to help youth lead self-determined lives.
Until this fundamental reality is accepted then politicians are all guilty of peddling the delusion of a self-determined future.
Intrinsic motivation would be the one which produces the most self-determined behaviors and amotivation the one which would produce the least self-determined behaviors.
Among the topics are a brief history of Toronto strippers and sex work identity, anti-colonial and self-determined responses to young people involved in the sex trade, negotiating feminism and harm reduction in Halifax, human trafficking and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, and Canadian anti-pimping law and how it harms sex workers.
It illustrates Lawrence's ability to be a chameleon; pretty as picture one minute, almost a chav the next - but always self-determined.