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1. Determination of one's own fate or course of action without compulsion; free will.
2. Freedom of the people of a given area to determine their own political status; independence.

self′-de·ter′mined (-tûr′mĭnd) adj.
self′-de·ter′min·ing (-tûr′mĭ-nĭng) adj. & n.


[ˌselfdɪˈtɜːmɪnd] ADJautodeterminado
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Liesbeth Rigter, Moneyou CEO, said, 'The instant digital loan is a new building block of our smart banking concept, which is oriented towards the reality of our customers' lives: making self-determined decisions and using fast processes with easy-to-understand digital products.
Advancing our efforts to implement Employment First in Michigan will help connect Michiganders with disabilities with more employment opportunities so they can live more self-determined independent lives, Calley said.
Thus, a self-determination continuum is proposed, whereby the individual may be more self-determined (intrinsic motivation and extrinsic regulations) or less self-determined (demotivation).
A fully developed person, Semler concludes, is a self-determined agent, an agent who combines self-control with conscious ownership of his own mental states.
Three motivational clusters of students emerged: self-determined students, non-self-determined students, and externally regulated students.
Zoomifier gently guides a visitor through their self-determined (personalized) journey, capturing detailed insights and thus inspiring them to provide their contact information for further nurturing.
The self-determined theory (SDT) is one of the mature motivation theories applied in exercise and sport sciences, including PE pedagogy.
The result is a story about identity, both self-determined and dictated by outsides sources, and a family's aim to settle into who they are.
In the present study, the investigation of young athletes' goal perspective and perceived competence was linked with the inspection of their self-determined motivation.
I have always believed that we should implement policies that ensure Alaska tribes are self-determined and can adequately address public safety, economic development, and other priorities on tribal lands.
The authors examine Africa's self-determined international norms and values such as Pan-Africanism, African solutions to African problems, hybrid democracy, Pax Africana, and the African Economic Community to demonstrate that Africa is composed of crucial values, institutions, agents, actors, and forces that are, through the AU, contributing to the advancement of contemporary global development.
He noted that 150 years ago, Cree priest Henry Budd held that "we would never come to be the church that we were meant to be until the churches were self-determined with indigenous leadership.