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1. Determination of one's own fate or course of action without compulsion; free will.
2. Freedom of the people of a given area to determine their own political status; independence.

self′-de·ter′mined (-tûr′mĭnd) adj.
self′-de·ter′min·ing (-tûr′mĭ-nĭng) adj. & n.
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The Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (ACIP) presented proposed steps for creating self-determining Indigenous ministries within the Anglican Church of Canada, such as creating a fifth ecclesiastical province and establishing training and ordination programs with Indigenous guidance, to the Council of General Synod (CoGS) at its May 1 to 3 meeting.
Pullman's innovative initiatives are a living example of their commitment to health and tangible step toward its vision for a self-sustaining, self-determining inclusive model of healthcare.
Robert Chrisman believed that by relying on community support TBS could be self-determining.
She distills these experiences into brief lessons about topics such as relationships, environment, bonding with students and colleagues, developing self-determining learners, guided reading, active listening, reading aloud, connecting writing with reading, using technology, supporting English learners, assigning appropriate homework, handwriting, using simple rubrics, vocabulary and oral language development, establishing routines and rituals, professional development, partnering with parents, assessment, incorporating the arts, and teaching students, not standards.
The delegates were charged with a weighty responsibility to represent the self-determining will and the best interest of your state nursing association.
The new determinacy is posited not by something different from itself, but by a self-determining determinacy of which it comprises a stage in its ongoing self-constitution.
East Jerusalem is seen by Palestinians as the capital city of a proposed self-determining Palestinian state.
Leibniz is here instrumental to the formation of Continental idealism because his rationally self-determining monads offered an explicitly conceptual model for Kant's theoretical reason and for his notion of the autonomous will so important to the German Idealists following in his wake.
Audi said that without the backing of either the US or Europe, and with Palestinians intent on establishing Jerusalem as the capital city of a self-determining Palestinian state to be announced unilaterally in 2011, "it would be virtually impossible for Israel to stake its claim to Jerusalem, and maintain its aggressive settlement policy in the divided city.
If you want to do justice to your lovely baby girl you must start acting like a self-determining woman.
Britain should, via the "new" Conservatives, cancel the illegal bond forthwith and become self-determining once again.
He critically analyzes the changes occurring in everyday modern rural life, and, and how communities have emerged from crisis to become self-determining entities.