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Appropriating Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's quote, Malebo boldly renounces societal expectations and shares her journey towards achieving total autonomy and self-determinism.
Public Affairs Centre [PAC] Bangalore, a non-profit organisation with a mandate to improve governance, postulates that while the state has always endeavoured to be strong and new developments are arising out of a potent combination of the information revolution and civic spirit, a surge of self-determinism has given a free rein to new enclaves of vested interests that were hitherto unknown.
The indigenous people are discovering their own self-determinism and their own way forward, and we as Canadians, together, have got to continue the journey with them that, in some ways, the TRC has started effectively.
The erotics of sovereignty; queer native writing in the era of self-determinism.
The unique theoretical core of the AMQI is based on research conducted by Wilks (1995, 2004; Wilks & Ratheal, 2009) and Ratheal and Wilks (2006), which showed that in the moral arena, the freedom of self-determinism and the freedom of indeterminate free will are mutually exclusive concepts.
As Woodrow Wilson's initial secretary of state, Bryan's strict moral compass suited a foreign policy promoting democracy and national self-determinism, but Latin Americans cringed at its paternalism and Europeans ignored its idealism.
The Health Self-Determination Index (Cox, 1985), and The Health Self-Determinism Index for Children (Cox, Cowell, Marion, & Miller, 1990) measures health behaviors and satisfaction with care.
Third, there is strikingly little discussion of how BGLOs can be political vehicles to resist White supremacy, build economic self-determinism and be catalysts for the revival of the welfare state.
The existentialist notion of self-determinism and mastery over one's own destiny are core to humanistic intelligence, as well as the upholding of science and curiosity.
the ability of the agent to choose among alternative possibilities of action; and (C) The freedom of self-determinism .
By making wise investments, living within one's means, you can reach a point when a package like this gives you the freedom to do some self-determinism.
Through extensive reading and reflection upon his own observations of the interactions of human nature, society, and the natural environment, Hardy defined and refined his own conceptualizations of will, force, power, self-determinism, and necessity.