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a philosophic doctrine that every present state or condition of the self is a result of previous states or conditions of the self.
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The indigenous people are discovering their own self-determinism and their own way forward, and we as Canadians, together, have got to continue the journey with them that, in some ways, the TRC has started effectively.
In terms of its relationship to GPA, several studies (Murray & Wren, 2003; Rasheed, 2005) have found that self-determinism was a predictor of academic success.
The erotics of sovereignty; queer native writing in the era of self-determinism.
The Health Self-Determination Index (Cox, 1985), and The Health Self-Determinism Index for Children (Cox, Cowell, Marion, & Miller, 1990) measures health behaviors and satisfaction with care.
Third, there is strikingly little discussion of how BGLOs can be political vehicles to resist White supremacy, build economic self-determinism and be catalysts for the revival of the welfare state.
By making wise investments, living within one's means, you can reach a point when a package like this gives you the freedom to do some self-determinism.
Recently, however, scholars have begun to redress the concept of self-determinism and, in its place, have proposed a dialectical definition of human endeavor that emphasizes the intersubjective nature of man and his products.
Part I argues that three main considerations lie behind the law's general requirement that S's help or encouragement of P's crime be intentional -- culpability, the policy of not subjecting lawful practices to excessive risk, and an ethic of individualism and self-determinism.
The first is culpability, the second the policy of safeguarding lawful conduct from risk, and the third an ethic of individualism and self-determinism.
The Confluence of Folklore, Feminism and Black Self-Determinism in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God.
Spielberg's Latest Masterwork a Tribute to Self-Determinism
Banja, 1990; Megivern, 1991) more indirectly address this issue in their discussions of advocacy, empowerment, partnerships (Howe, Minch, & Fay, 1980), consumer involvement (Department of Education, 1990), self-determinism (Department of Education, 1985) and self-management (Sawyer & Crimando, 1984).