Devotion or dedication of oneself, especially to a service or ideal.

self′-de·vot′ed·ly (-vō′tĭd-lē) adv.
self′-de·vot′ed·ness n.
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Sowerberry to Oliver, had consisted of a profuse bestowal upon him of all the dirty odds and ends which nobody else would eat; so there was a great deal of meekness and self-devotion in her voluntarily remaining under Mr.
He was soon separated from his men, and fell covered with wounds, but his self-devotion was not in vain.
The womanly power of self-devotion was strong in the child, and she remained faithfully at her post when all the rest dropped away.
And the institution of the family, and the emotions that arise therein, the fierce jealousy, the tenderness for offspring, parental self-devotion, all found their justification and support in the imminent dangers of the young.
The sobriety, self-devotion, and piety of our predecessors, made us powerful friends our presumption, our wealth, our luxury, have raised up against us mighty enemies.
Shall we speak of the inspiration of a poet or a priest, and not of the heart impelled by love and self-devotion to the lowliest work in the lowliest way of life!
He works in his parish with the most noble self-devotion, and never loses courage, although his efforts have been several times rewarded by disgusting libels pasted up on the street-corners, thrown under doors, and even fastened to his own garden wall.
But when it comes to four o'clock, and still the same blank, Volumnia's constancy begins to fail her, or rather it begins to strengthen, for she now considers that it is her duty to be ready for the morrow, when much may be expected of her, that, in fact, howsoever anxious to remain upon the spot, it may be required of her, as an act of self-devotion, to desert the spot.
His speech was followed by an uproar of applause, as its patriotism and self-devotion unquestionably deserved; and the shouts and clapping of hands would have been greatly prolonged, had they not been rendered quite inaudible by a deep respiration, vulgarly called a snore, from the sleeping Hercules.
Nothing so fair, so ideal, so every way worthy to reward the courage and self-devotion of a warrior, had ever before been encountered on the prairies, and the young brave appeared to be deeply and intuitively sensible to the influence of so rare a model of the loveliness of the sex.
There is now no longer any right course of action nor any self-devotion left among the Iranis.
I thank you and all associated with you for coming forward as you have done, with noble self-devotion and self-denial, in this the hour of your country's need, ready to fight for her, and to give your lives on her behalf in this great crisis of her history.