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(sĕlf′dĭ-rĕk′tĭd, -dī-)
Directed or guided by oneself, especially as an independent agent: the self-directed study of a language.

self′-di·rect′ing adj.
self′-di·rec′tion n.


(of study, learning, etc) regulated or conducted by oneself
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Adj.1.self-directed - (of persons) free from external control and constraint in e.g. action and judgment
independent - free from external control and constraint; "an independent mind"; "a series of independent judgments"; "fiercely independent individualism"
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The SEC is in substance alleging that Equity Trust, acting in its role as a self-directed IRA custodian, negligently assisted two investment sponsors to sell fraudulent investments more than four years ago.
My self-directed learning didn't end there--crashes, hardware malfunctions and user-error all led to numerous revisions and improvements.
The Self-directed Support Act places duties on local authorities in Scotland to offer people who are assessed as needing social care the option of designing their own care package.
Self-directed writers; the third essential element in the writing workshop.
The disability sector in Australia is currently undergoing significant change that places increasing importance on the individual and their right to greater service choice and control, and to undertake self-directed care.
According to a new report from Celent, the self-directed market grew 5% last year.
Elaine Torrance, Head of Social Care and Health, Scottish Borders Council, and Member, Self-Directed Support Strategy Implementation Group
However, one type of IRA could be of particular interest to business people who have accumulated a lifetime of experience and knowledge in a particular industry: self-directed IRAs.
A prominent construct that emerged out of the adult education literature in the 1960s is self-directed learning.
Other types of IRAs include the simplified employee pension (SEP), the savings incentive match plan for employees (SIMPLE), and self-directed IRAs.
lays out the benefits for readers to start their own self-directed IRA.
In a different setting, Dusold and Sadoski compare large-group lectures in medical education with self-directed learning; they found that students in the self-directed group better enjoyed the flexibility of their learning process.