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1. The act of severely criticizing oneself.
2. The act of punishing oneself.
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Noun1.self-flagellation - self-punishment inflicted by whipping
self-punishment - punishment inflicted on yourself
flogging, lashing, whipping, flagellation, tanning - beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment
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This time, the isolation is for the purposes of self-flagellation, because the people were right when they rejected them after they deviated from the right path.
Some pilgrims beat their chests and heads, performed self-flagellation with chains in honor of Imam Hossein (PBUH) who was killed in the battle of Karbala in the seventh century and since then became a key moment in Shiite history and religion.
Sessions could have been defined by recrimination and self-flagellation.
FEARLESS, to the point of self-flagellation, Brian Close was the hardest man ever to play cricket for England.
In just six months in charge Gary Rowett (pictured) has turned St Andrew's from a venue of self-flagellation into one where it's the visitors who fear being flogged.
Poison, a 132-second blast of self-flagellation painted bright, recalls Belly and Belinda Carlisle, and The Dirt similarly rushes by, tossing poisontipped darts over its shoulder.
Don't do it, however, if you are, like me, an emotional individual given to historical self-flagellation, a lashing out by his choked psyche with tears.
It started with a recitation from the Quran, and many participants wore black in mourning and chains on their arms, which are used for self-flagellation as a way to experience the pain of the Karbala massacre.
Known for his Zen-like poise and preparation bordering on self-flagellation, Bindra has mastered the art of defying expectations from a nation of 1.
If a movie, novel, musical, book or play is so volatile as to induce self-flagellation by an entire community, turn to something milder and less controversial.
Hezbollah has for many years actively discouraged violent self-flagellation and encouraged the devout to donate blood instead.
Shiite Muslims across the world practised ritual self-flagellation as they observed Ashura on 14 November.