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The act of giving oneself pleasure or of satisfying one's own desires.


the achieving of pleasure or satisfaction by doing something, esp something physical


the act of pleasing or satisfying oneself, esp. the gratifying of one's own impulses, needs, or desires.
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Noun1.self-gratification - indiscipline with regard to sensuous pleasures
indiscipline, undiscipline - the trait of lacking discipline
rakishness - the quality of a rake
2.self-gratification - the act of satisfying your own desires and giving yourself pleasure
gratification - the act or an instance of satisfying
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before Arthur's unexpected arrival) was undoubtedly an act of pure good nature and no self-gratification, intimated that all the house was open to her.
He said the probation reports showed Smart had a "dismissive attitude" and claimed he had been targeted by the victims and called him "reckless and risk-taking" for self-gratification.
His need for self-gratification has desensitised him to the real emotional context of the situation.
The term 'retail therapy' is probably just a euphemism for self-gratification by spending money.
An even larger percentage (47%), purchased at least one for themselves, underscoring food gifting's inherent power of self-gratification, indulgence, and pampering.
If I choose to pursue the many avenues of self-gratification open to me - a life devoted to the consumption of drink, drugs, sexual conquests, money, flattery and so on then I am not free to participate in the kinds of relationships and the kinds of work that demands good judgment , honesty and perseverance.
His motive was pure self-gratification, said the judge, who added that he had "robbed his victims of their childhoods".
John Ramsay, Solihull I AGREE with Paul Fulford's views on the high-profile, self-gratification of those who take part in the Pudsey appeal.
People, young or old can appreciate the power behind personally experiencing the self-gratification at the moment of creation.
People were termed "hedonic" if their good feelings generally stemmed from their own pleasant experiences, or "eudaimonic" if their happiness derived from "striving toward meaning and a noble purpose beyond self-gratification.
However, people with relatively high levels of hedonic well-being - the type of happiness that comes from consummatory self-gratification (think most celebrities) - actually showed just the opposite.
In the open letter, Murray said: "I make this statement not for self-gratification or sour grapes but because so many fans have told me that dignified silence will be seen as a sign of disrespect.