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(sĕlf′hā′trĭd) or self-hate (-hāt′)
Hatred, disregard, and denigration of oneself.




a feeling of intense dislike for oneself: feelings of self-hatred.
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Noun1.self-hatred - shame resulting from strong dislike of yourself or your actions
shame - a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt
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As he was at last compelled to pay attention to them, his capacity for self-hate was multiplied.
CURLFEST is an opportunity to unite the many supporters of the natural hair community, to promote self love, and combat societal views that lead to self-hate and low self esteem.
Indeed, he created a bigger problem full of lies, self-hate and hypocrisy that has lasted for a century and now it is time for us to solve it, a hundred years on.
In the wrong hands, they can be a pit of hatred, leading to anger, self-hate, despair, and violence.
Wracked by self-hate and torment, she attempted to pull out the tubes administering her medication with her toes.
Sometimes people harm themselves because of self-hate, or because they want to punish themselves.
Lomax discusses Christian spirituality in the context of leadership in the church in North America in a rambling way to suggest that self-hate and self-deprecation is retarding the African American community; Charlyn Harper Browne in a genetic manner details the importance of preparing early childhood educators and states that perhaps the most important lesson she learned from Hilliard was to "never stop questioning, reading, reflecting [and] searching for meaning, and learning" in chapter five (p.
A "no" response to this or any of the other three questions--which inquired about feelings in the last week of disappointment or self-hate, discouragement about the future and personal failure--exempted women from being categorized as depressed.
I also wanted to write about selflove and self-hate and this period allowed me to look at identity, and to write about something that is urgent.
Instead of teaching self-acceptance and self-love we teach self-hate.
In a study documented in the article, "Does Self-love or Self-hate Lead to Violence," (4) participants wrote short essays that were subsequently given either negative or positive evaluations.
Rosie Whitaker's parents are calling p g for a ban on anorexia and suicide websites which they believe led their daughter into a world of self-hate, self-harm and, ultimately, death.