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1. Oneness of a thing with itself.
2. Awareness of and identification with oneself as a separate individual.


(Psychology) the conscious recognition of the self as having a unique identity


1. the identity of a thing with itself.
2. the consciousness of one's own identity or individuality.
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The interpretation of both is interdependent: a change in perceived "normality" can lead to a change in self-identity and vice versa.
By personally reclaiming what "being black" means, Dolezal forces us to rethink how self-identity works.
This has happened gradually as each individual has progressed in their life journey and kept on attaching themselves to various things, thus losing self-identity.
Quote: "It's essential to work, to have responsibility, to have discipline, for a sense of self-respect, self-identity.
Two additional chapters are dedicated to issues of memory, with one comparing images of Sinti, Roma, and Jews in Germany's national narrative and the other examining the genocide in the construction of Roma self-identity in postwar Europe.
The present research expands the existing framework of the theory of planned behavior (Ajzen, 1985) to include self-identity.
Their eating pattern tended to be more of a part of their self-identity compared to former limiters.
These different methods explore the relationship between elites and development outcomes from five angles: the participation and reaction of elites to institutional creation and change, how economic changes affect elite formation and circulation, elite perceptions of national welfare, the extent to which state capacity is part of elite self-identity, and how elites interact with non-elites.
This sense of responsibility, or perceived ethical obligation, is connected with their endorsement of a set of internalized rules (or "norms") and acts as a "trait-like" dimension because it represents an essential part of these persons' self-identity.
Knowing and promoting whether you are a girl or a boy helps with forming one's self-identity.
The studies found that people who perceive their car as a reflection of their self-identity are more likely to behave aggressively on the road and break the law.
We live in a dis-United Kingdom, an overcrowded, overflowing, multi-cultural sewer with no sense of self-identity or moral character.