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The act of making excuses to justify one's actions or behavior.

self′-jus′ti·fy·ing adj.


the act or an instance of justifying or providing excuses for one's own behaviour, etc


the act or fact of justifying oneself, esp. of offering excessive explanations for one's actions or thoughts.
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Noun1.self-justification - a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.self-justification - a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.; "he kept finding excuses to stay"; "every day he had a new alibi for not getting a job"; "his transparent self-justification was unacceptable"
vindication, defense, defence - the justification for some act or belief; "he offered a persuasive defense of the theory"
extenuation, mitigation - a partial excuse to mitigate censure; an attempt to represent an offense as less serious than it appears by showing mitigating circumstances


[ˌselfˌdʒʌstɪfɪˈkeɪʃən] Nautojustificación f
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I came in with your brother, as I often do," he answered coldly, in self-justification.
THAT was what came of my intended self-justification and plea for mercy
She had no sense of chill resolute repulsion, of reticent self-justification such as she had known under Lydgate's most stormy displeasure: all her sensibility was turned into a bewildering novelty of pain; she felt a new terrified recoil under a lash never experienced before.
He knew equally well that he fed his wrath and hatred, and that he accumulated provocation and self-justification, by being made the nightly sport of the reckless and insolent Eugene.
In most cases retro-reports can offer only unctuous weasel words of one-sided self-justification, risking (as at Hillsborough) all the confirmation bias and potential for accepting fabricated evidence inherent to inquisitional methods - not the change of hearts and minds required for genuine reform obliging elected and official leaders to base mutual respect upon sharing, and upholding amongst their subordinates (by example in the first instance), the principles of human rights and public service.
Having no competitor makes us settle for the status quo and prone to self-justification.
He said Atkins showed a common self-justification and slowness to realise his sexual interest in children.
Cutting through the self-justification twaddle, I firmly believe top-class people could be found to do the same job for half the money.
We expected that people who experienced cognitive dissonance would try to reduce it by self-justification of their choice of unhealthy food.
The use of the term 'honour' to describe a violent criminal act - sometimes committed against a man, but more often against a woman - can be explained only as a means of self-justification for the perpetrator.
However, before those who submit to varying degrees of either Stockholm Syndrome or Group Think suggest that this change justifies the self-justification of the EU existence, the likelihood is that such changes would have emerged anyway through bilateral trade negotiations between UK Government ministers and ministers from every EU state.
I'm working more than ever (although in my defense I've written a new novel, a screenplay and 64 columns - it was necessary to detail this for self-justification purposes).