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1. Limiting oneself or itself.
2. Self-limited.

self′-lim′i·ta′tion (-tā′shən) n.


1. limiting oneself or itself.
2. Also, self′-lim′ited. (of a disease) running a definite and limited course.
self′-limita′tion, n.
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It is women who have historically undertaken self-limitation as making-room for others, through a long sociology of nurturing, care, and indeed sacrifice, and without which human families, cultures, and societies could not be preserved, sustained, created, and promulgated.
Our present difficulty is that the darkening ecological crisis is making us aware of the need for an alternative way of living, and yet despite the horrors of the BP oilspill and Tar Sands we seem culturally unable to summon the will power for self-limitation.
IN the manner of someone unfamiliar with disappointment or self-limitation, Matthew is currently toying with a number of new avenues of potential excellence.
Inner development, openly embracing "repentance and self-limitation," understanding the political within the horizons of the eternal and subordinating the former to the latter: these are some of the key points of Solzhenitsyn's old-age work.
says Monahan, "has found ways of supplying the missing link between experience and faith" through its unique blend of obsession and self-limitation.
Perhaps peoples as well as persons can find new direction when there is, in Solzhenitsyn's words, `repentance and self-limitation in the life of nations'.
From that point on, a sense of self-limitation led to a process of self-reflection in which "The world seemed enormous around me / and as I moved in it / I felt I could not journey / further than myself"; "what I took in that afternoon [in the cinema while watching Giant"] took root and a / quiet vehemence arose.
As a result, Buchwald succeeds in reclaiming composition and other types of formal complexity without abandoning alloverness or thorough-going abstraction, despite his self-limitation to a single building block.
The only obstacle to the speed of Lyon's development is the self-limitation of political and economic leaders in a country that is heavily stamped by the centralization of government in Paris, says Christian Boiron, CEO of Lyon-based Boiron, the world's largest producer of homeopathic medicines.
Further, the report reveals that the key challenge in this market is the self-limitation of organic electronics from penetrating into several applications of inorganic electronics due to its limited and low conductivity characteristic.
It is imperative to partner with a mobile marketing provider that has experience in age-verification and other relevant compliance issues such as self-limitation lists.
The talk will feature insights and techniques to overcoming stress, anxiety, fear and self-limitation.