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1. Limiting oneself or itself.
2. Self-limited.

self′-lim′i·ta′tion (-tā′shən) n.


1. limiting oneself or itself.
2. Also, self′-lim′ited. (of a disease) running a definite and limited course.
self′-limita′tion, n.
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His philosophy that if you tried, you would probably succeed, meant there was not a self-limiting belief in sight.
He discusses such topics as the nature and scope of general practice, acute and self-limiting illness, prescribing, referral to specialists, doctor-patient communication, the primary care team, and ethical aspects.
Whenever self-limiting ideas of anger, guilt or fear surface, we are committed to bringing them to light so the Holy Spirit may heal us.
Chikungunya is a self-limiting febrile viral disease characterized by arthralgia or arthritis.
Associated primarily with self-limiting diarrhoea, it can also lead to much more serious conditions.
Shamanic teacher and healer, Don Miguel Ruiz exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple code of personal conduct learned from his Toltec ancestors.
Many of the improvements Bailey discusses are one-time-only efficiency upgrades or are otherwise self-limiting.
For bin Laden's vision leaves no room for secular self-governance, for a society based around the give-and-take of free speech; it has no tolerance for the uncertainties of a pluralistic political system; it has no respect for the rights of women; it has no self-limiting mechanisms that encourage adherents to step back and listen to the views of dissenters.
The greater availability of some medications over the counter will help patients treat minor and self-limiting illness without the need to see their GPs or attend A&E.
Dr John Curnow, from the HPA's Cheshire and Merseyside team, said: ``Norovirus infection is usually self-limiting, meaning it will clear up of its own accord in about 48 hours.
Gene(sis)" is symptomatic of the current self-limiting nature of genetic artistic practice.
The condition can be confused with Orf but is self-limiting and usually resolves without treatment in a few weeks.