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Adj.1.self-moving - designed to activate or move or regulate itself; "a self-activating sprinkler system"
automatic - operating with minimal human intervention; independent of external control; "automatic transmission"; "a budget deficit that caused automatic spending cuts"
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Self-moving equipment rental revenues increased $44.
In the US, it had 5,990 operating days, up 5%, as the industry continued to shift to multi-well, pad drilling projects which require deep-reaching, self-moving drilling rigs.
THE magical self-moving tinsel on EastEnders' hastily crowbarred, continuity-challenged Mandela scene.
While the agency of humans is the main focus of the book, Steward argues that the agency of any self-moving animals is threatened by determinism.
A Live-Performance Model LX high-resolution player system is built in, with an advanced trap-work mechanism that displays self-moving pedals designed and developed by Gene Korolev.
The first ekranoplane flight took place in July 1961 with the prototype SM-1 (SM for Samohodnaya Model--translated to mean self-moving craft).
The third root metaphor is organicism: (a) biological cell model, (b) self-maintaining and self-repairing, (c) self-reproducing, (d) ingestion and elimination, (e) plant or tree model, (f) self-expanding, (g) differentiation of function (bark, root, leaves), (h) stable configuration, (i) feeds on and gives back to the environment, (j) seed or fruit bearing, (k) biological animal model, (1) stable animal model, (m) self-moving, and (n) consciousness of self.
It is the largest self-moving operation in North America with a market share exceeding 55% of the consumer and commercial markets, even though the company only operates in the consumer sector.
By viewing beings as self-contained, self-moving units, ousia ontology removes change from their essences.
In fact Aristotle also calls heaven a self-moving animal (De caelo, 2.
The Alexander Technique focuses especially on the self-moving or sensory-motor aspects of our evaluative reactions while not ignoring the other aspects.