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Noun1.self-realisation - the fulfillment of your capacities
fulfillment, fulfilment - the act of consummating something (a desire or promise etc)
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Pranab said yoga was arguably the most valuable Indian cultural heritage and it was an art, science and philosophy which helps people in self-realisation.
You can start self-coaching, it is about cultivating self-awareness and begins with where you are, right here and now, moving to self-realisation which is what you want to be.
We are all limitless creative spirits, but it takes a little self-realisation to find it.
The festival explores exciting new performance work that comes from social oppression but leads to self-expression and self-realisation.
It satisfies their curiosity and appetite for exploration and helps achieve self-realisation.
During the workshop Dr Fatima Zahra Hassan presented a talk titled "Finding the Self through the Traditional Arts of Islam", visual artist Hfiza Sayed discussed "The Path to Self-Realisation through the Medium of Paintings" and journalist and blogger Daliah Merzaban spoke on the subject of "Writing the Self: Reflections on expressing identity and spirituality through the art of the written words".
There is no psychobabble with this Beauty And The Beast; rather it is an intelligible and intelligent telling of the story of pride versus humility, inner and external beauty and self-realisation.
The variable Organization culture (OC) depends on others such as self-realisation (SR), status enhancement (SE), sulphitic values (SV), socio economic support (SES) i.
From the perspective of those involved in training for the profession of teacher representative competency are: pedagogical tact, self-control, situational intelligence, confidence, sense of organization, openness to experience, verbal argumentation, credibility, sociability, flexibility, amiability, perseverance, bias resistance, action, persuasion, self-realisation, verbal investigation and self-realisation.
The introduction of the eponymous footballer - a figment of the central character's imagination - provides an unusual catalyst for the subsequent journey of selfdiscovery and self-realisation.
Climactic scenes after the womaniser's moment of self-realisation a la Scrooge, when he races to make amends for myriad errors, are equally moving.
There are some moving scenes when the womaniser's moment of self-realisation - la Scrooge - sees him race to make amends.