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Referring to oneself or itself: The biographer's account of the poet's life was surprisingly self-referential.

self′-ref′er·ence n.
self′-ref′er·en′tial·ly adv.


(of a book, film, etc) concerned with things such as its own composition or with other similar books or films
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As the end credits approach - though not quickly enough - the film clumsily attempts a self-referential wink by inviting the characters to contemplate a TV show about their escapades.
As the end credits approach, the film clumsily attempts a self-referential wink by inviting the characters to contemplate a TV show about their bromantic escapades.
Gaze didn't just chew the scenery, he wolfed it down, tossing off self-referential jokes, cornball puns and Shakespearesque quotes.
It seemed so self-referential and was one of those glorious experiences; like watching The Wrestler, a film starring someone you've kinda forgotten just how brilliant an actor they are.
On an album of lesser quality, a self-referential line like this might come off as gimmicky, but coming at the end of a work that rivals any of Cohen's prior efforts, it conjures images of an artist sitting contentedly at the top of his tower of song, taking a hard-earned look back at the path that has brought him there.
Tongue-in-cheek, self-referential playfulness abounds in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's uproarious action-packed comedy, which adheres unabashedly to a winning formula.
The gags in this follow-up to 21 Jump Street are hit and miss but its sense of glorious self-referential goofiness proves to be infectious.
CANNES, France -- Kristen Stewart made a late cameo at the Cannes Film Festival, where she received warm reviews for a self-referential performance alongside Juliette Binoche.
LISP allows recursion & self-referential definitions, like N
The investigators said cortical midline structure (CMS) circuitry is thought to play a key role in the neurobiology of affective illness because the medial cortex is involved in emotional regulation, self-referential thinking, the default mode network and may mediate the relationship between aberrant self-referential thinking and negative affect in mood disorders.
If you weren't spooked by James Wan's 2011 supernatural horror Insidious, you stand little chance of making sense of this self-referential sequel.
The new collection by Craig Foltz, We Used to Be Everywhere, traces the boundary between fiction and prose poetry, using a somewhat Language-centered writing that is self-referential in places, identifying a slippery, indeterminate discourse.