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Replicating oneself or itself: self-replicating cells.

self′-rep′li·ca′tion n.


(Computer Science) computing (of a computer virus, etc) reproducing itself


1. reproducing itself by its own power or inherent nature.
2. making an exact copy or copies of itself, as a strand of DNA.
self′-replica′tion, n.
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Their topics include, iterative circuit computers, nonlinear environments permitting efficient adaptation, a new kind of turnpike theorem, genetic algorithms and the optimal allocation of trials, and studies of the spontaneous emergence of self-replicating systems using cellular automata and formal grammars.
Wormable malware-- Some of the biggest cyber incidents in 2017 revolved around the issue of self-replicating malware that can spread between networks.
Memphis Meats takes live self-replicating animals cells, puts them in oxygen-rich nutrients environment and leaves them to divide naturally.
Information exchange between self-replicating structures of any kind, such as electromagnetic 'bumps' in a chaotic 'soup,' might also qualify.
PROBIOTIQUS will now be the first project world-wide to develop experimental tools for matter-wave physics with large biomolecules from amino acid clusters up to proteins and self-replicating molecules.
s Simplicon RNA Reprogramming Technology system uses a single synthetic, polycistronic self-replicating RNA replicon containing four reprogramming factors, OCT-4, KLF-4, SOX-2 and GLIS-1, and allows for efficient reprogramming without viral intermediates or host genome integration.
The strong push to bring previous designs closer to the hands of general consumers can largely be credited to 2005's RepRap (Replicating Rapid-prototyper) Project, a British initiative to create open source, self-replicating 3D Printers, released under a free software license for anyone in the community to edit or improve upon.
BanCorp's President Greg Steinaker was quoted as saying “if this percentage was even 50%, the company would be negligent to its stakeholders by not focusing in on the self-replicating social media hubs such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
The teenager, Amy, is a Von Neuman, a self-replicating humanoid robot.
The system is utilised to generate a clonal root line, clonal root cell line, clonal plant cell line, or clonal plant having a self-replicating, episomal, extrachromosomal viral RNA vector that carries a polynucleotide of interest.
Scientists have long thought that life started when the right combination of bases and sugars produced self-replicating ribonucleic acid, or RNA, inside a rudimentary "cell" composed of fatty acids.