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1. Pursuing only one's own ends or interests.
2. Exhibiting concern only with promoting one's own ends or interests: self-seeking maneuvers.
Determined pursuit of one's own ends or interests.

self′-seek′er n.
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Noun1.self-seeker - a person who places expediency above principle
backscratcher - someone who is willing to trade favors or services for mutual advantage
bottom feeder - an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others
carpetbagger - an outsider who seeks power or success presumptuously; "after the Civil War the carpetbaggers from the north tried to take over the south"
wheeler dealer, hustler, operator - a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties
selfish person - a person who is unusually selfish
timeserver - one who conforms to current ways and opinions for personal advantage
References in classic literature ?
Let me but leave the good name to my three daughters, and that is enough for me; I am not a self-seeker.
And over all that torrential confusion of men and purposes fluttered that strange flag, the stars and stripes, that meant at once the noblest thing in life, and the least noble, that is to say, Liberty on the one hand, and on the other the base jealousy the individual self-seeker feels towards the common purpose of the State.
I mean, episodes that showed that not all priests were frauds and self-seekers, but that many, even the great majority, of these that were down on the ground among the common people, were sincere and right-hearted, and devoted to the alleviation of human troubles and sufferings.
Moved by this startling disclosure, I started off in earnest but regrettably that Indian officer turned out to be more an insensitive self-seeker rather than one genuinely concerned.
He ends up playing Lorenzo as a straight-up, if occasionally self-questioning, self-seeker who fails to connect with the viewer.
If you're the sort of self-seeker who has pounds 10,000 to spend on feathering your own nest, a piece of advice.
He said that the self-seeker politicians are behind the worsening situation of the metropolitan.
IF IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, the supportive strength of a partnership smoothes progress over the next three months, but watch out for October eruptions or hostility between a peacemaker and a self-seeker.
If the Labour Party had been led by Scargill instead of self-seeker Kinnock, then we would not still be enduring this sleazy bunch of Tories.