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1. Selection of or by oneself.
2. Selection of merchandise by oneself from a display counter or rack in a store.

self′-se·lect′ed adj.
self′-se·lec′tive adj.
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On the other hand, if attendance is voluntary, self-selection may confound the econometric analysis, as it has for a wide variety of issues within the fields of labor, migration, welfare, and economic education (e.
Diverse as they were in regional origins and occupations, representative indeed of the English population as a whole in many respects, they were also the products of a process of self-selection and screening designed to produce only pious and orthodox emigrants.
This preview improves the self-selection process, eliminating some candidates who would end up disillusioned and unhappy.
Once the firm narrows down the relevant subset of attorneys by a self-selection process, then the firm's recruiters personally interview the few best matches.
Service providers are being forced to reinvent themselves to offer highly personalized content and value-added services in order to support the new self-selection consumption models that characterize the viewing habits of today.
She said: "We do not underestimate the degree of self-selection that takes place in a population of women choosing home birth.
The second set of constraints describes the self-selection for policyholders regarding [T.
But even in what is presumably the self-selection stakes, Petrenko is not sparing himself, setting his sights on a piece so quintessentially English as to finally prevent flaky out-of-town reviewers continuing to refer to him (even after 17 months in post) as the "new boy" at the Phil.
McNeil notes that more consumer awareness of self-selection and self-medication has been key to both the success of the market and its two Imodium sub-brands, Imodium Instants and Imodium Plus caplets.
Pharmacists are being encouraged to put the leaflet on self-selection or into the bags of customers they feel could benefit from the information.
Oravec (2003) would contend that this personal context and self-selection of specific topics would then improve the learning process.
The rolling buffet and refrigerator in the dining space allows the residents a lot of self-selection and access.