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Noun1.self-stimulation - manual stimulation of your own genital organ for sexual pleasure
masturbation, onanism - manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure
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In time, and with the benefit of self-stimulation while watching heterosexual pornographic films, the patient asked to have access to a female sexual partner.
The study also suggested that both groups had erotic thoughts during self-stimulation without the presence of the partners.
Female undergraduate students (N = 64) were randomly assigned to view humourous media, or erotic media, or erotic media featuring explicit models of clitoral self-stimulation during partnered sexual behaviour.
The power of the reward system has been revealed in experiments in which experimental animals were found to vigorously continue self-stimulation when electrodes were placed in various locations within the reward-system structures (Olds & Milner, 1954).
Based on the logic that Edik was engaging in problem behavior in order to gain self-stimulation, the teachers, parents, and researchers discussed options for delivering stimulation noncontingently as a way to abolish stimulation deprivation.
The study of laboratory mice used intracranial self-stimulation (ICSS), a technique developed in the 1950s that can measure a drug's ability to activate reward circuits.
In "The Matter at Hand: Normative Ethics and Self-Stimulation in Montaigne's 'Du repentir,'" David Costa examines Montaigne's attitudes towards masturbation.
Although sexual expression and fulfillment may not involve penetration, a substantial number of seniors still engage in intercourse, oral sex, and self-stimulation even into the eighth and ninth decades of life.
The relationship of self-stimulation to learning in autistic children.
Additionally, self-stimulation may interfere with learning or performance (Koegel and Covert, 1972).
Autism is all about self-involvement, self-inclusion and self-stimulation.