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The act of or capacity for supporting oneself, especially financially, without the help of others.

self′-sup·port′ed, self′-sup·port′ing adj.


the supporting or maintaining of oneself or itself without reliance on outside aid.
self′-support′ed, adj.
self′-support′ing, adj.
self′-support′ingly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
He loses, in an extent proportioned to the weakness or force of his original nature, the capability of self-support.
Here my self-support gave way all at once; and with a movement of my hands, intended to show her my ragged state, and call it to witness that I had suffered something, I broke into a passion of crying, which I suppose had been pent up within me all the week.
I have frequently found it necessary to reflect, for my own self-support, that I really had not done anything to bring myself into the Newgate Calendar, but only wanted to effect a great saving and a great improvement.
Enterprise driven self-support systems for BYOD users are a growing trend in the enterprise landscape in the region, but while there have been some successes, it has been within a very tightly controlled framework, according to Gartner.
Cognitive, educational and self-support outcomes were compared for the adoptees with those who grew up in foster care.
SEATTLE, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SourceLabs, the company creating innovative technology to support open source software, today announced that its Self-Support Suite now supports enterprise-class virtual infrastructure solutions built on the Xen(R) hypervisor, an open-source virtualization software solution for Linux.
Paradoxically, while liberal welfare reformers lost power, aspects of rehabilitative rhetoric, particularly the rhetoric of self-support, gained momentum.
His only source of self-support came from odd jobs he performed for a woman named Melida Murillo, owner of a Colombian restaurant called Mama Leonor.
It then refers to the principles of the "Three Autonomies" (self-administration, self-support, and self-propagation) to prevent "subservience" to the power of foreign countries.
co-Chairman of Unsung Heroes, an Edmonton self-support group for people with schizophrenia, is author of books and articles on astronomy, Antarctica, and Alberta history.
Federal initiatives attempted to strike an uneasy balance between "strengthening family life" through reinforcement of women's traditional caretaking roles, while encouraging parents "to attain the maximum of self-support.
Property that is essential to self-support may be fully or partially excluded as an asset.