the surrender or yielding up of oneself, one's will, affections, etc., as to a person, influence, or cause.
References in classic literature ?
Here and there was a peasant man or woman kneeling before a shrine, who did not even turn round as we approached, but seemed in the self-surrender of devotion to have neither eyes nor ears for the outer world.
As to the man if he had any superiority of his own it was simply the superiority of him who loves with the greater self-surrender.
It was an expression of perfect confidence, of absolute self-surrender, as though he said: "I put myself into thy hands.
This one primitive instinct was at the bottom of the otherwise inexplicable facility of self-surrender exhibited by Mrs.
In the same way that mentors and aides are employed in the educational system, chaplains introduce and reintroduce the love of God, calling all people to turn from a self-centered lifestyle to a life that encompasses compassion for others and self-surrender to live in a way that puts the needs of others ahead of the desires for oneself.
Curtis was ordered to pay $555,571 to Cumis Insurance Society, which covers PCFCU, and to self-surrender by July 7, 2014, to the Bureau of Prisons or U.
the poet swoons in the bliss of self-surrender, there's an
Jesus was a wonder-working Galilean sage and prophet, not a divine figure, and he asked for self-surrender to God, not "intellectual acrobatics" (236).
These serve to correct a distorted understanding of faith as self-surrender.
It lionizes self-assertion, not self-surrender, and it values thrift and frugality, not gratuitousness and generosity.
There is instead a "new lexicon" of apostle, deacon, bishop, and so on, which do not confer priestly status but rather associate Christian leaders with the sacrificial self-surrender of Jesus.
In Dissident Discipleship: A Spirituality of Self-Surrender, Love of God and Love of Neighbor, David Augsburger says that all spiritualities fall into one of three types: mono-polar (focus on the Self, the inward journey, and personal transformation); bi-polar (God and Self relationship); and tri-polar (God-Self-Other).