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Adj.1.self-sustained - needing no outside support
unfueled - not provided with fuel
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It is well known to all students of the higher truths that certain adepts and illuminati have in history attained the power of levitation-- that is, of being self-sustained upon the empty air.
An unprecedented concept of a floating platform, the Solar Orchid project, provides all the key facilities for a restaurant, or any other commercial business, to run in a self-sustained way.
6 billion SmartCity Kochi, a proposed self-sustained industry township for knowledge-based companies in Kerala, south India, promoted by Dubai Holding member Tecom Investments, has held a ground-breaking ceremony, it was revealed yesterday.
Because the FlexNet system is a self-sustained, tower-based AMI network, there is no need for additional fixed network equipment piggy-backed onto the utility distribution system.
Japan may not be able to achieve a self-sustained economic recovery without stronger reform efforts by the government, a former senior U.
On Thursday, Hayami voiced confidence that the nation's economy is moving toward a self-sustained recovery, with the corporate sector playing a leading role.
The prolonged and self-sustained domestic demand-driven growth of the U.
This modernization has shattered the self-sufficient economy of local communities and centralized the relatively self-sustained polity of the provinces.
The IDEeE[TM] can shoot, edit, stream and transmit high-resolution still and HD video content as a self-sustained package.
We cannot say the economy has begun a self-sustained recovery given the severe employment situation, the weak state of personal consumption and the high levels of liabilities and bankruptcies faced by companies,'' he cautioned.