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A cosmetic preparation used to give skin the appearance of having been darkened by the sun. Also called sunless tanner.
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So, undeterred, I continued to slap on every self-tanner under the sun (excuse the pun).
It might fade your self-tanner faster so you have to reapply and it will keep getting more even and more natural," she added.
Applied with a kabuki brush, Trystal Minerals is the first self-tanner to never need to come in contact with one's hands.
Due to its unique, very tight, double-coating, it has an excellent photostability and an outstanding compatibility with other UV filters such as avobenzone, and also with acrylate thickeners as well as other challenging ingredients such as ascorbyl palmitate and the self-tanner, dihydroxyacetone, said the company.
Spot test a small area on your body before widely applying any cosmetic product, including a self-tanner you've never used before.
Bloggers wondered whether it was a sort of self-tanner accident or a deliberate attempt.
Gill Shaw, Huddersfield-based sales director for the direct-selling cosmetic company Temple Spa, agrees: "We launched our own self-tanner, Sol Mate, a few weeks ago and it's become by far the best selling product we have ever launched.
Origins Faux Glow Radiant Self-Tanner For Face, pounds 15 For those days when you can't rely on the sun to give your face a healthy glow, this product steps up to the mark.
Origins The Great Pretender pounds 15 Enhance your tan with this awardwinning shimmery self-tanner.
As a logical complement to our anti-aging skin care line, we decided to help customers prevent wrinkles in the first place, so we introduced Tan-Fan as a paraben-free self-tanner.
The Situation is, the landlord for the gang's iconic vacation home, at 1215 Ocean Terrace in Seaside Heights, says he's raking in more than three times what he did before the show, with fans clamoring to bask in the glowing residue of self-tanner and new stardom.
Chanel Soleil Identite Face Self-Tanner SPF8pounds 22.