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1. The quality or state of being self-centered; selfishness.
2. Individuality; selfhood.


1. egotism or selfishness
2. (Psychology) personal identity or selfhood


(ˈsɛlf hʊd)

1. the state of being an individual person; individuality.
2. one's personality.
3. selfishness.
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Extraordinary in connection to the IBE, where the receiver could unscramble the information if and just if his character is unequivocally the look alike as what controlled by the sender, this fuzzy IBE empower the interpreting if there are selfness spreads outperforming a pre-set farthest point surrounded by one showed by sender and the one has a place with beneficiary.
He narrated that there was a great imagination of implementation, ethics and spiritualism in Iqbal's poetry, adding that Allama Iqbal had ever wanted to see the human's development through the way of selfness and Khudi.
These stories will inspire you to follow the saints' examples as you discover how they: Lived fascinating lives that make legends seem dull by comparison; Practiced heroic selfness, detachment, self-denial, and generosity; Displayed startling energy and stamina in fulfilling their missions; Transformed society through ways of thinking far ahead of their time; Left their imprint on the world's geography, languages, and cultures.
The interaction between selfness and otherness, as often seen in gothic fiction, never ceases to be a heated topic as a negation of the centrality and selfhood.
The power of these moments comes from confronting the otherness within oneself, and the selfness within others.
He said that today is the day which demands to negate selfness and this is the real meaning of sacrifice.
I deeply regret to say that a lot of innocent people are losing their lives due to the negligence and selfness policies of our democratic government.
Although the discursive elements presented in the previous pages, in the cases of both Poland and France, are far from being comprehensive and representative of the full range of political discourses on the themes of religion and nationalism, their relationality points towards a constant and fairly efficient discursive play between the various ambiguities, notably both xenophobic and nationalist discursive formations, arranging dimensions of Selfness and Otherness (dynamic assimilation and non-assimilation).
This access to representation empowers artists to speak for themselves, to represent their selfness and to question the images of African Otherness that pervade in the West.
I am a pure consciousness of things, and things, caught up in the circuit of my selfness, offer to me their potentialities as proof of my .