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(Commerce) the act or an instance of selling something, esp an industry owned by the state, or a company's shares


or sell′ing-off′,

1. a sudden and marked decline in stock or bond prices resulting from widespread selling.
2. an act or instance of liquidating assets or subsidiaries.


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The sell-offs could also be linked to falling oil prices, as oil-producing Norway has sold off around 2 percent of its own wealth fund's European equities, considerably less than Saudi Arabia in relative terms.
Liverpool council will be responsible for the majority of the sell-offs and are budgeting to bring in PS35.
Still, the massive public sell-offs worked out well for large investment companies who ended up long-term beneficiaries of the policy.
State sell-offs have been a lucrative business for the few, anyone who thinks there is not much left to sell take a look at what is happening in the NHS, education has already started to be privatised.
The fact that retail investors are active was seen as they picked up stocks of Waha Capital and National Bank of Abu Dhabi which had seen sell-offs the previous day.
It said there has been 35 school fields sell-offs presented to the government, 30 from Conservative councils, four from Labour councils, one from Lib councils.
Furthermore, Spelman claimed full responsibility after it became clear that the public and many members of Parliament were not happy with the proposed sell-offs.
Liverpool has a special department called Liverpool 20/20 which deals with property sell-offs.
But those battling to stop sell-offs say it is impossible to replace the benefits of playing fields.
A raft of sell-offs helped telecoms group Cable & Wireless more than double its profits, it was announced yesterday.
Council tenants, union representatives and left-wing political activists joined veterans of campaigns against council house sell-offs in other parts of the country at the meeting, organised by Defend Coventry Council Housing at Methodist Central Hall.
When Gustavo Caillaux was appointed head of high-level privatization commission Comision de promocion de la inversion Privada (Copri) in early January, he estimated sell-offs would swell the treasury coffers by between $1.