sella turcica

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sel·la tur·ci·ca

n. silla turca, depresión en la superficie superior del esfenoide que contiene la hipófisis.
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The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of sella turcica bridging in orthodontic patients and find its association with different sagittal and vertical malocclusion groups.
In inflammatory and infectious diseases, sella turcica is usually not expanded.
Those located in the sella turcica typically mimic pituitary adenomas.
Thus, the anterior and posterior clinoid processes surround the sella turcica like four corners of a four poster bed.
The patient was found to have a soft-tissue mass in the posterior nasal cavity with extension through the floor of the sella turcica, the sphenoid sinuses, cavernous sinuses, and suprasellar region.
Kirsten Molsted, Maria Boers and Inger Kjaer, "The morphology of the sella turcica in velocardiofacial syndrome suggests involvement of a neural crest developmental field," American Journal of Medical Genetics A, vol.
The pituitary body sits in the sella turcica on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone just in front of the SBS.
1,2] Paraganglioma of CNS region has been seen in pineal region, petrous ridge and sella turcica.
Dorsum sellae (DS): A square portion of bone on the body of the sphenoid posterior to the sella turcica or hypophysial fossa.
Case 2: An extremely enlarged pituitary mass was found above the sella turcica of a male budgerigar.
A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the brain and sella turcica revealed a thickened and enlarged pituitary stalk.
Additional findings associated with a chronic increase in intracranial pressure include macrocrania, splitting of the sutures, skull demineralisation and erosion or enlargement of the sella turcica.