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v. sold (sōld), sell·ing, sells
1. To exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent: We sold our old car for a modest sum.
2. To offer or have available for sale: The store sells health foods.
3. To give up or surrender in exchange for a price or reward: sell one's soul to the devil.
4. To be purchased in (a certain quantity); achieve sales of: a book that sold a million copies.
a. To bring about or encourage sales of; promote: Good publicity sold the product.
b. To cause to be accepted; advocate successfully: We sold the proposal to the school committee.
6. To persuade (another) to recognize the worth or desirability of something: They sold me on the idea.
1. To exchange ownership for money or its equivalent; engage in selling: Are any of the fruit vendors still selling?
2. To be sold or be on sale: Grapes are selling high this season.
3. To attract prospective buyers; be popular on the market: an item that doesn't sell.
4. To be approved of; gain acceptance: an idea that just wouldn't sell.
1. An act or instance of selling: ordered a sell of his shares in the company.
2. Something that sells or gains acceptance in a particular way: Their program to raise taxes will be a difficult sell.
3. Slang A deception; a hoax.
Phrasal Verbs:
sell off
To get rid of by selling, often at reduced prices.
sell out
1. To sell all of a supply of something: We have sold out of that model.
2. To cause (someone) to have sold an entire supply of something: The bakery is sold out of those pastries.
3. To be entirely sold: Her new novel has sold out.
4. Slang To betray one's principles or colleagues: He sold out to the other side.
sell through
To be purchased as a retail item by a customer: The clothes are in the store, but they aren't selling through.
sell a bill of goods Informal
To take unfair advantage of.
sell down the river Informal
To betray the trust or faith of.
sell short
1. To contract for the sale of securities or commodities one expects to own at a later date and at more advantageous terms.
2. To underestimate the true value or worth of: Don't sell your colleague short; she's a smart lawyer.

[Middle English sellen, from Old English sellan, to give, sell.]

sell′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.sellable - fit to be offered for salesellable - fit to be offered for sale; "marketable produce"
salable, saleable - capable of being sold; fit for sale; "saleable at a low price"
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He said that the main duty of the committee was to come up with a template that will capture the yearnings and aspirations of the people of the State so that the aspiration will be easily sellable to the teeming population that is yearning for change from the present situation in the state.
Contract award notice: Open procedure for the supply of medicines, Parapharmaceuticals and other sellable products in municipal pharmacies.
Atlantic Wharf has a huge population of young people, a market that if Brains had so wanted they could have attracted, but no the neglect continued; it just became a valuable and sellable plot of land.
The portfolio of eight facilities contains approximately 213,000 net sellable square feet and 24.
Sales price includes $12,000 of sellable inventory.
You must remember though, a nice kitchen will add value to your property, make your home instantly more sellable and - perhaps most importantly - become the room you spend most of your time in.
143 Classon Avenue is a five-story building containing approximately 37,492 sellable square feet across 17 residential units.
A new liquidity coverage ratio, to be phased in over four years from 2015, ensures banks have enough cash and sellable assets to see them through a 30-day crisis.
It's thought that her house could be seen as a sellable asset.
Re-Design 4 U, on Fowler Street, South Shields, South Tyneside, takes unwanted household items and gives them a complete overhaul to make them more sellable.
Meraas, which provides infrastructure and sells land for the re-named Pearl Jumeirah project, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai, has already sold 45 per cent of the sellable land for investors to build on, Sina Al Kazim, the firm's chief business development officer told Reuters in an interview at this year's Cityscape Global 2010 in Dubai.