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Plural of self.


a. the plural of self
b. (in combination): ourselves; yourselves; themselves.



n.andpron., pl. selves,
adj. n.
1. a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality: one's own self.
2. a person's nature, character, etc.: his better self.
3. personal interest.
4. Philos. the subject of experience as contrasted with the object of experience; ego.
5. any of the natural constituents of the body that are normally not subject to attack by components of the immune system.
6. myself, herself, etc.: to make a check payable to self.
7. being the same throughout; uniform.
8. being of one piece with or the same material as the rest.
9. Obs. same.
[before 900; Old English self, selfa, c. Old Frisian, Old Saxon self, Old High German selb, Old Norse sjalfr, Gothic silba]


a combining form of self, appearing in various parts of speech, usu. with the implied notion that the agent and object or recipient of a given transitive predicate are identical (self-control; self-government; self-help; self-portrait), or that the subject of a given predicate acts or is effective without assistance (self-adhesive; self-loading; self-study).
References in classic literature ?
It was novelty enough, indeed, that there were fifty human beings in close relation with them, under one long and narrow roof, and drawn onward by the same mighty influence that had taken their two selves into its grasp.
And every morning, perched on our stays, rows of these birds were seen; and spite of our hootings, for a long time obstinately clung to the hemp, as though they deemed our ship some drifting, uninhabited craft; a thing appointed to desolation, and therefore fit roosting-place for their homeless selves.
There was about an average of two dogs to one man; and these sat in expectant attitudes till a spent bone was flung to them, and then they went for it by brigades and divisions, with a rush, and there ensued a fight which filled the prospect with a tumultu- ous chaos of plunging heads and bodies and flashing tails, and the storm of howlings and barkings deafened all speech for the time; but that was no matter, for the dog-fight was always a bigger interest anyway; the men rose, sometimes, to observe it the better and bet on it, and the ladies and the musicians stretched them- selves out over their balusters with the same object; and all broke into delighted ejaculations from time to time.
By and by, out of the stillness, little, scarcely preceptible noises began to emphasize them- selves.
They suppress the truth rather than take the con- sequences of telling it, and in so doing prove them- selves a part of the human family.
This cardroom would be wanted as a cardroom now; or, if cards were conveniently voted unnecessary by their four selves, still was it not too small for any comfortable supper?