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Serving as a warning or signal of danger.

[From Greek sēma, sēmat-, sign.]


(Zoology) (of the conspicuous coloration of certain animals) acting as a warning, esp to potential predators
[C19: from Greek sēma a sign]


(sɪˈmæt ɪk)

warning of danger, as a conspicuous marking on a poisonous animal.
[1885–90; < Greek sēmat- (s. of sêma) sign]
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one kind of data in WoT with its own characteristic's and not as same time -series is spatiotemporal interval data and provisioning sematic content can be achieved by cluster evaluation, spatial distance evaluation[11],[36] in fusion plasma with two phase region outlier detection, KVASIR architecture [22].
Furthermore, this provides a more precise method of understanding how the ontological concepts can be used to identify any availability sematic web overlaps through conceptualisation and inferences of pieces of knowledge.
Indeed, locating the poems' meanings in the sematic registers of the words used would make a poet (and presumably a reader) guilty of engaging in the "heresy of the didactic" (2)--a sin which Poe railed against when he saw it in the works of other writers, such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
The participants were asked to rate their strengths in relation to the five AOTA Standards for Continuing Competence using a 5-point Likert sematic differential scale (see Table 5).
We adopt the characteristics of the sematic network.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of nirs near infrared spectrscopy (cerebral/ sematic oximeter monitor with accessories)
The supplier provides the specified sematic data in an automated [machine readable] format required to interpret the messages associated with the real time functionality.
Wings for Pegasus: Creating Large-Scale Scientific Applications Using Sematic Representations of Computational Workflows.
As mentioned above, some of the questions followed a close-ended format in which sematic differential scales from 1 to 10 were used (from very bad to excellent, with little/no frequency to very frequently or from minimum importance to maximum importance).
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For example, as shown in Figure 2, when users entered words, such as soldier, Nationalist army, war, family and junior high school, into Wikipedia Miner to conduct a trial for the calculation of sematic relatedness, the results indicated that the word soldier is 81% related to Nationalist army, 72% related to war, 63% related to family, and 60% related to junior high school.