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or sem·i-au·to  (sĕm′ē-ô′tō, sĕm′ī-)Informal
n. pl. sem·i·au·tos
A semiautomatic firearm.
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New this year from Turkish airgun manufacturer Hatsan are two magazine-fed semiauto air rifles: the BullMaster and the Barrage.
And when firing from an enclosed area, such as within a purse or jacket, could cause a semiauto to malfunction.
BROWNING HAS ADDED TWO NEW MODELS TO ITS FAMILY OF 1911-380 semiauto pistols: the Black Label 1911-380 Pro and the Black Label 1911380 Pro with Rail.
22 semiauto rifle ever made, Ruger's 10/22, and show how simple it is to drop in a trigger that is being offered by .
Personally, I still prefer a well-tuned revolver for hunting, but for semiauto aficionados, a Desert Eagle in .
Tenders are invited for Bio Chemistry Semiauto Analyzer.
Which is easier to fit with custom grips, a revolver or a semiauto pistol?
63mm semiauto handgun--the famous Broomhandle--along with four loaded stripper clips.
Loading the Model 1400 is much the same as most semiauto shotguns: simply press shotshells against the loading gate located in the bottom of the action and thumb them forward into the magazine tube.
I believe that 28 states allow ARs and semiauto pistols for hunting, and all 50 states allow semiauto shotguns for waterfowl and small game hunting.
But this flat-shooting rimfire also pushed the limits of semiauto rifles, and safety and reliability were major concerns.
Because there is no reciprocating slide to absorb the energy, felt recoil of a 9mm revolver will be more than a semiauto pistol of the same weight.