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(sĕm′ē-kən-dŭk′tər, sĕm′ī-)
1. Any of various solid crystalline substances, such as germanium or silicon, having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors, and used especially as a base material for microchips and other electronic devices.
2. An integrated circuit or other electronic component containing a semiconductor as a base material.

sem′i·con·duct′ing adj.


(General Physics) acting as semiconductor
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Adj.1.semiconducting - having characteristics of a semiconductor; that is having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors
conductive - having the quality or power of conducting heat or electricity or sound; exhibiting conductivity
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Those based on superconducting materials have made great strides in recent years, but those based on semiconducting materials lag behind because they are plagued by noise: Even extremely small disturbances in the area surrounding their qubits can render an entire system useless.
The ZEBRA product is the first available platform solution for realizing next-generation semiconductor devices technologies using the novel material of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNT).
Physicists describe the basic physical properties of DNA and the possible engineering and applications of DNA for scientists who are interested in DNA as a semiconducting nanomaterial.
Unfortunately, these expectations have not been met because there has been no efficient method of separating semiconducting nanotubes--those suitable for use in transistors--from metallic nanotubes, which have a distinctively different set of characteristics.
QD materials are light-emitting or semiconducting nanoparticle materials whose physical dimensions affect the band gap of the semiconducting material.
In this respect, two-dimensional gapless graphene and semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenides have emerged as promising candidates due to their atomic thickness and chemical stability.
16 -- Engineers at the University of Utah have discovered a new kind of 2D semiconducting material that may lead to faster and more efficient computers and smartphones.
It brings together Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany's extensive experience with organic semiconducting materials and Nano-C's unique know-how in fullerene derivatives.
The researchers nestled electrotrophic bacteria into semiconducting nanowires that are capable of both capturing solar energy and transmitting electricity to the microbes.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian scientists in association with researchers from University Putra Malaysia obtained stable optimum conditions for the growth of semiconducting nanostructures on metals and metal oxides.
One organic semiconducting polymer is regioregular polyalkyl thiophene.
Among the specific topics are conduction mechanisms in semiconducting metal oxide sensing films and its impact on transduction, recent trends in silicon carbide and graphene-based gas sensors, micromachined semiconductor gas sensors, semiconducting direct thermoelectric gas sensors, semiconductor quantum dots for photoluminescence-based gas sensing, carbon nanotube and metal oxide hybrid materials for gas sensing, metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors in environmental monitoring, and solid-state sensor for detecting carbon dioxide.