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 (sĕm′ē-fôr′məl, sĕm′ī-)
1. Moderately formal: a semiformal dance.
2. Suitable or appropriate for a moderately formal occasion: semiformal attire.
Something, such as a dance, that is semiformal in nature.


1. (of an event etc) not wholly formal, somewhat formal
2. (Clothing & Fashion) (of clothing) not wholly formal; between formal and informal in style


(ˌsɛm iˈfɔr məl, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

containing some formal elements: semiformal attire.
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Adj.1.semiformal - moderately formalsemiformal - moderately formal; requiring a dinner jacket; "he wore semiformal attire"; "a black-tie dinner"
formal - being in accord with established forms and conventions and requirements (as e.g. of formal dress); "pay one's formal respects"; "formal dress"; "a formal ball"; "the requirement was only formal and often ignored"; "a formal education"
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The audience highly appreciated the high quality and elegance of Pakistani bridal and semiformal garments.
De Cock analiza la distribucion de tales sistemas en combinacion con clases semanticas de predicados y los papeles semanticos correspondientes, con elementos modales y con la posicion que ocupan en la estructura del turno conversacional todas estas combinaciones observadas en los tres generos discursivos (informal, semiformal y formal).
I was shamelessly using my hands at this semiformal gathering.
Borrowing from semiformal sources and informal sources without interest has a negative impact on food spending.
An ongoing approach that also helps transfer knowledge is to run semiformal internal training seminars.
They drew together about 10 of their closest colleagues as a semiformal leadership team and began to think about how they could use the convening power of APLU and the social capital within their loose confederation to work toward forming a NIC.
Each of these workgroups consists of semiformal and informal subgroups that cover special topics or projects of interest to the workgroups.
Teens across the United States are not only using memes of the gorilla killed this summer at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to ask each other to the annual welcome-back-to-school semiformal but also rallying votes to make him homecoming king.
Department of Health and Human Services, talk about ransomware compliance issues in a new batch of "guidance," or semiformal advice.
Como evidencia de este escenario multi dialectal, Fredsted analiza muestras de escritura semiformal (actas de reuniones de una sociedad cultural sostenidas entre 1924 y 1934) producidas por minorias danesas en zonas limitrofes localizadas en el lado aleman del nuevo borde germano-danes establecido en 1920, con especial enfasis en el desplazamiento del juto meridional por el danes estandar.
35) notes for street vendors in Mexico, such a "semiformal" or extralegal sphere of government toleration and regulation is a matter of "concessions rather than rights, and semiformal regulation can often change when the state feels that the system no longer meets its interests or new strategies for control of informal activities emerge" (see also Smart and Zerilli 2014, p.
At our school's semiformal dance, I told my best friend about my crush.