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 (sĕm′ē-lô′gə-rĭth′mĭk, -lŏg′ə-, sĕm′ī-)
Having one logarithmic and one arithmetic scale: semilogarithmic graph paper.


having both logarithmic and arithmetic scales


(ˌsɛm iˌlɔ gəˈrɪð mɪk, -ˌlɒg ə-, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

also sem′i•log`,

(of a graph or graph paper) having one scale logarithmic and the other arithmetic or of uniform gradation.
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Semilogarithmic kinetic plot for nanocomposites with different graphene contents and grafting densities are depicted in Fig.
The Interpretation of Dummy Variables in Semilogarithmic Equations.
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This semilogarithmic functional form is widely used in hedonic price analysis.
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The semilogarithmic plot for the basic polyester-epoxy resin system is shown in Fig.
The performance of export in terms of indices of units value of export has been compared in Table-2 by fitting the linear regression equation (y = a + bt), while table 3 portrays semilogarithmic (Log Y=a+bt) regression equation.
Then, using the changes in concentration during this time, we created a plasmatic disappearance curve, which was studied in a semilogarithmic way and by means of a non-compartmental approach, in order to calculate the ECW (23-25).
The parameter estimation procedure applied to the TRT coupled to the LSM ends in a simple least squares fitting of the experimental data; for large time values, the thermal conductivity of the soil is determined as the slope of the straight line that represents the time evolution of the mean fluid temperature on a semilogarithmic scale.
Substantively and statistically similar results hold in negative binomial and semilogarithmic ordinary least squares (OLS) regressions; these results are available on the senior author's web page.
The obtained values were plotted against time on a semilogarithmic scale.