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(of a surface) midway between matt and gloss(of a paint etc) producing a finish or surface part way between matt and gloss
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Try the No Foundation Foundation Serum, an antiaging treatment foundation designed to perfect your complexion through neuropeptides, a semimatte finish and nonchemical SPF 30.
uk A creamy, moisturising semimatte texture that squeezes out like a liquid and dries like a traditional lipstick.
White, 13x19, 100 sheet pack S041744 Epson Proofing Paper Commercial Semimatte, I3"xl9", 20 sheet pack
PPG is first to market to recommend this process together with its market-leading matte clearcoats for repairing a wide range of gloss levels on matte and semimatte full-body colors.
MegaLast is a collection of longwearing lip colors and long-lasting nail colors, while MegaLast Lip Color provides four-hour, velvety color in one stroke, leaving a semimatte, creme finish.
Then make lips gleam with her new ruby lip colour a creamy, semimatte shade of red (pounds 14), a fresh take on the timeless seasonal look.
The lightly engraved letters contrast well with the dark, semimatte finish of the marble.
The collection includes five eyeshadow combinations offered in matte and semimatte formulations.
Available in Blue, Green, and White, the new stoneware is glazed in a semimatte finish featuring sculpted wave patterns.
The ColorBurst RIP is a fully compatible software RIP for both Macintosh and Windows and is SWOP certified when printing with the included SWOP Printing Environment on Epson Premium Semimatte Photo Paper 250 and Epson Proofing Paper Commercial Semimatte.
Teknos launched Timantti Clean, a semimatte waterborne acrylate dispersion paint for surfaces requiring high hygiene levels.
With its soft, semimatte finish and blendable formula.