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 (sĕm′ē-no͞od′, -nyo͞od′, sĕm′ī-)
adv. & adj.
Only partially clothed: posed seminude for a painter; seminude statues.

sem′i·nu′di·ty n.


partial nudity; the state of being partly nude
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Fleshapoids' copious seminudity, play of textures, use of turbans and scarves, and omnisexual display recall Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures [1963].
Autos-da-fe made that distinction very public: accused witch-heretics of "pure" Iberian descent were spared the humiliation of the lash and seminudity, but their sisters de color--regardless of how little stain mottled their blood--were whipped and paraded through the streets of Lima.
In a similar way, Rudolph Valentino found it very difficult to counteract the stigma of effeminacy by actively taking part "in the cult of physical fitness, with scores of publicity stills showing him working out in seminudity or boxing, fencing, or lifting weights" (Hansen 265).