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lasting quite a long time but not indefinitely


(ˌsɛm iˈpɜr mə nənt, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

long-lasting but not permanent.
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Adj.1.semipermanent - relating to or extending over a relatively long time; "the long-run significance of the elections"; "the long-term reconstruction of countries damaged by the war"; "a long-term investment"
long - primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified; "a long life"; "a long boring speech"; "a long time"; "a long friendship"; "a long game"; "long ago"; "an hour long"
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For the less hardy there's the semipermanent Fondue Iglu, a stunning restaurant made of ice where you can defrost internally with melted cheese and warm gluhwein.
But due to running costs of PS396,984 a year and visitor numbers of just 39,000 Durham County Council's cabinet approved proposals to close the building with the a series of semipermanent exhibitions set to take place in Palace Green Library, Durham.
Unlike myself whose twicebroken nose and semipermanent concussion led only to a Certificate of Wounds and Hurts, gravely presented by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, with a brief citation, 'Did fracture nasal bone while falling at the feet of forwards
Laser Lady, Stacey Smallman, is a freelance mobile tattoo removal specialist and semipermanent make-up artist who works closely with the tattooist removing/fading tattoos ready for cover ups.
Will your posting be ephemeral--designed to wear away over time--or encased in a permanent or semipermanent home?
Across the road are the Victoria Law Courts, completed in 1891 when Corporation Street was meant to be a Parisian-style boulevard, not a treeless, traffic-cone festooned, semipermanent building site.
Her treatments were carried out by Debra Robson, queen of semipermanent make-Charlotte up Kellie says he he her ce ce ce c leb style cr cr cr cr cr crushes ar up.
Also, writing and publishing is a record, it makes things semipermanent, and that level of preservation is very important nowadays, especially with the increasing urbanization of the nomadic society.
These semipermanent systems are attached to the scalp and will last for up to three months at a time.
Wansbeck Care Home provides a high standard of care 24 hours a day, offering permanent and semipermanent residents' specialist support and help with everyday living.
1) After it was decided that a semipermanent structure was not feasible, the solution was to emplace a military heavy assault bridge (HAB).